DC多元宇宙/DC Direct 可动人偶 Page Punchers/漫画+3寸人偶系列 超人:重生 超人






Product Description

"Sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton as a baby, Kal-El was found by farmers Martha and Jonathan Kent and raised as their son, Clark. As Clark grew up, the radiation from Earth’s yellow sun gave him extraordinary powers, which he kept hidden. Now fully grown, he uses his powers to protect his adopted world as Superman."

About this item

Packed with a pocket sized hero or villain at a 3” scale based on the DC Multiverse

5 points of articulation to Punch and Kick

Superman is based on his look from the DC Rebirth Comics

Comes packaged in an a blister pack with an English only reprint of your favorite comics that the figure is based on

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厂商 麦克法兰
系列 麦克法兰 DC多元宇宙/DC Direct 可动人偶系列
级别或分类 Page Punchers/漫画+3寸人偶系列
价格 11.99美元
名称 超人:重生 超人
人物名 超人
版本 普通版
材料种类 塑料
规格 76mm
玩具分类 美系周边
参与创建 venomchow888