Dynamic 8ction Heroes(DAH)/究极英雄系列 电影 速度与激情7 卢克.霍布斯(特别版)






Woman, I am the cavalry! —— Luke Hobbs

‘The Fast & The Furious’ series always delivers speed, brawn and excitement, and what better character to incapsulate everything that is over the top than the mighty Luke Hobbs! A US Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent tasked with once tracking down wanted criminals like Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner, Luke Hobbs is both fearless and never far away from an explosion or a car chase. First introduced in the 5th entry of the series, by ‘Furious 7’ Hobbs teams up with the Toretto gang, and is out to save the world from dastardly terrorists.

Thus, it is with excitement that Beast Kingdom, ‘The Entertainment Experience Brand’ launches a new line of DAH ‘Dynamic 8ction Heroes’ characters from the Fast & The Furious series, with Furious 7’s Luke Hobbs character ready to take on the live action mantle of the buffest hero to grace our screens since the 1980’s era of action stars.

Agent Luke Hobbs, played by the wonderful Dwayne Johnson is brought to life under the highly articulable DAH series of action figures. With over 20 movable joints, the muscle definitions and strong physique are accurately recreated for fans. All the clothing is made with real fabric bringing to life the big agent, with an even bigger heart! This limited edition DAH-038P comes with the classic black outfit, and police accessories as well as head sculpt only available in this pack. The included heavy machine gun, bullet belt and box is also available for collectors to recreate the most action packed scenes from the film. This unique special edition boxset is a perfect addition to fans of high octane movies, so make sure yours is ordered today!

DAH-038P The Fast and the Furious Luke Hobbs Limited Edition

Included accessories:
・DAH muscular design, with over 20 points of articulation
・Luke Hobbs head sculpts
・M134 Heavy machine gun
・Ammunition box and gun belt
・Four (4) pairs of replacement hands (Open, fist, grip, holding weapon)
・Special, branded figure base with bracket
・Figure height: around 20.5cm


厂商 野兽国
系列 野兽国 DAH系列
级别或分类 电影
名称 速度与激情7 卢克.霍布斯(特别版)
人物名 卢克.霍布斯
版本 普通版
编号 DAH-038SP
比例 1/9
材料种类 塑料
规格 205mm
玩具分类 美系周边
参与创建 venomchow888