Dynamic 8ction Heroes(DAH)/究极英雄系列 动漫 迪士尼 经典米老鼠(黑白版)






DAH-050SP Disney Mickey Classic Version

In 1928, Disney brought to life, the most famous mouse in history, the big eared, short wearing, black and white Mickey Mouse. Not only did he become the official mascot of the Walt Disney company, he is also one of the company’s most well-known characters, an iconic figure larger than life and legendary all across the world!

The Entertainment Experience Brand’s DAH, Dynamic 8ction Heroes series of highly articulated action figures is bringing to life an iconic figure, taking him back to his roots, with the DAH-050SP Disney Mickey Classic. A retro black and white design straight from the early days of animated cinema. With 18 points of articulation, and a real retro feel, this classical Mickey figure is one to celebrate the nearly one century we have spent being taking to fantastical worlds with the magical mouse, and in extension Disney as a whole. So make sure to take some of this magic home at a Beast Kingdom outlet today!

Included accessories:
・Retro design, black and white Mickey Mouse
・Two (2) replaceable faces (Smiling, Wide Laughter)
・Four (4) types of replaceable hands

Product Measurements:1/9 Approx. 16.5 cm height
Release Date: Q3, 2021 (7-9)
(Ship according to manufacturing schedule)

厂商 野兽国
系列 野兽国 1比9 DAH系列
级别或分类 动漫
名称 迪士尼 经典米老鼠(黑白版)
人物名 米老鼠
版本 普通版
编号 DAH-050SP
材料种类 塑料
规格 165mm
玩具分类 美系周边
参与创建 venomchow888