sideshow静态模型 Premium Format 美剧 曼达洛人 曼达洛人&尤达宝宝


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Premium Format系列 美剧 曼达洛人 曼达洛人&尤达宝宝 20寸(508mm)高 雕像
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“When one chooses to walk the Way of the Mandalore, you are both hunter and prey.”
Sideshow presents The Mandalorian Premium Format Figure, a limited-edition quarter scale figure based on the acclaimed live-action series.
Since the premiere of The Mandalorian on Disney+, this mysterious and stoic bounty hunter has become a hit character for Star Wars fans both new and old. Known to the galaxy and his targets simply as The Mandalorian, beneath his beskar helmet is Din Djarin, a former foundling who now walks the Way of the Mandalore with great devotion. But everything changes when he meets an alien asset known only as the Child and the pair become an unbreakable clan of two.
The polystone Mandalorian Premium Format Figure measures 20" tall and is a detailed, dynamic, fully sculpted depiction of this renowned bounty hunter inspired by an iconic shot from the first season of the streaming series. Standing alongside the Child’s signature hovering pram, the Mandalorian braves the dangerous galaxy to protect what was once his prey. His silver armor reflects the hard work and weathering it took to acquire enough beskar to create each piece, complete with his mudhorn signet, the symbol given to him by the Armorer in accordance with Mandalore tradition. Equipped with his bounty hunting tools of the trade, The Mandalorian proves himself to be one of the galaxy’s most skilled and fearsome warriors.
Add to your guild of Star Wars collectibles and bring home The Mandalorian Premium Format Figure today.
Star Wars
Sideshow Collectibles
Premium Format Figure
Matt Black (Sculpt) (Design)
Bernardo Esquivel (Paint)
Anthony Mestas (Paint)
The Sideshow Design and Development Team (Design) (Development)

厂商 Sideshow
系列 sideshow静态模型系列
级别或分类 Premium Format
价格 630美元
名称 美剧 曼达洛人 曼达洛人&尤达宝宝
人物名 曼达洛人尤达宝宝
版本 普通版
材料种类 塑料
规格 508mm
玩具分类 美系周边
参与创建 venomchow888