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Statue系列 赏金猎人:银河枪出租 19寸(482mm) 高 雕像
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$475 Est. Arrival: Sep 2021 - Nov 2021
“I’m the best in this biz. Unfortunately, I’ve had to vaporize most of my references, so you’ll have to take my word for it...Unless you want me to send you to meet them.”
Sideshow presents the Bounty Hunter: Galactic Gun for Hire Statue, an original sci-fi character adding some futuristic firepower to your collection.
The Bounty Hunter: Galactic Gun for Hire Statue measures 19” tall, swaggering out of her spacecraft after an artful crash-landing on a hostile alien planet. Some of the native fauna doesn’t take kindly to the intrusion, reaching up with clawed tentacles to grab at her from beneath the ship. Undeterred, the fearless expert tracker confidently surveys the landscape in pursuit of her target, armed with her trusty blaster and a state-of-the-art space adaptation suit.
When you’re an assassin of this caliber, camouflage is for the weak. The polystone Bounty Hunter statue is equipped for tracking in any alien environment with a highly detailed white, blue, and purple bodysuit integrated with technological implants and support systems. Protected by a rocket-engine backpack, armor, and jump-jet boots, no atmospheric or job-related pressures can phase her. Her cropped haircut is dyed pink and blue, and she has a fierce, calculating look on her face. In her right hand, the Bounty Hunter carries her most important tool of the trade- a large blaster rifle bought with hard-earned credits from countless successful captures, affectionately dubbed Big Bang Betty.
If you really want to see how the Bounty Hunter brings in her quickest kills, you’d best keep your eyestalks on the energy knife in her left hand that she calls her little Crater Maker- because of the deep holes it leaves in her targets. Not a deadlier weapon in all of Orion’s belt, cross my three hearts! This additional display option is only available with the Exclusive Edition of the Bounty Hunter Statue.
If you’re looking to contract with the deadliest human in the galaxy, payout on the Bounty Hunter: Galactic Gun for Hire Statue from Sideshow Originals today!
Story Concept:
Outlaws rule the stars. Faster than light travel means that humans are everywhere in the solar system and nothing is off-limits. Unfortunately, not everyone in space is so eager to make our acquaintance. Quadrants clash, megacities rise, and private contractors begin to take intergalactic law into their own hands… Enter the age of the Bounty Hunter.
Independent entities contracted to hunt criminals and fugitives as countless and varied as the stars in the sky- like their high-value targets, the Bounty Hunters come in all shapes, sizes, and species, but there’s one galactic gun for hire who stands out from the rest. Tenacious and willing to do the dirty work, she never misses her shot… to get paid.
Tracking down targets both ordinary and infamous, this Bounty Hunter is known for her precision, persistence, and professionalism throughout multiple solar sectors. She may look like a simple terran, but her aim is deadlier than a twelve-eyed, four-armed Chaslorian- and she’s twice as charming. But when diplomacy and expertise fail, the Bounty Hunter can always fall back on the universal language of quasar-pulse firepower.
When the target value is set, her mission begins- keep the Bounty Hunter: Galactic Gun for Hire in your sights, or else!
Sideshow Originals
Sideshow Collectibles
Dan Ulrich (Sculpt)
David Igo (Design)
Ian MacDonald (Design)
Jean-Paul Mavinga (Design)
Chie Izuma (Paint)
The Sideshow Design and Development Team (Design) (Development)

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厂商 Sideshow
系列 sideshow静态模型系列
级别或分类 Statue
价格 475美元
名称 赏金猎人:银河枪出租 双版本
人物名 赏金猎人
版本 普通版
材料种类 塑料
规格 482mm
玩具分类 美系周边
参与创建 venomchow888