TSUME系列手办 HQS 圣斗士星矢 天马座 星矢


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HQS系列 圣斗士星矢 天马座 星矢 540mm高 雕像
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Protagonist of Saint Seiya as well as one mythical Bronze Saint in the service of the Goddess of Wisdom: here comes Pegasus HQS+ by Tsume!
After six long years of training at the Sanctuary under the direction of Eagle Marin, the young rebel faced a dozen opponents in order to win the Pegasus Cloth. After nine victories, he won his tenth fight, against Cassios, the disciple of Ophiuchus Shaina, thanks to Pegasus Ryūsei Ken, demonstrating his mastery in Cosmo! This is how Seiya became the new Pegasus Bronze Saint ...
We see him here in his first position when putting on his Pegasus Cloth, leaning on his bent right leg, with his left arm raised and his right fist closed. He also has interchangeable arms showing him deploying his Cosmo energy in translucent blue resin**. The Bronze Saint wears his varnished metallic red cloth with silver gray and yellow metal protections belted at the waist, covering his legs, forearms, shoulders and especially his heart. Adorned with light reflections, his cloth contrasts with his matt complexion as well as his brown hair covered by his helmet. The hairlocks escaping fail to mask the rebellious gaze and the determined expression of the reckless Saint.
Behind Seiya's left leg is the mettalic grey Pegasus Pandora’s Box, as shown by the head of the winged horse as well as the straps in imitation leather allowing him to carry the box. The emblems on the other walls of the box refer to chivalry and cosmos. In front of the legs of the Bronze Saint are either his Cosmo energy in translucent blue resin, or rock clusters, both interchangeable. Looking at the ground of Athena’s sanctuary, we can see the Pegasus constellation engraved in stone, while we find at the front of the base the emblem of the creature as well as its name written in ancient Greek as on antic temples. The front of the plinth is interchangeable, allowing the Pegasus' plate to appear or not on the stone floor.
Bronze Saint is intended to take place in front of the diorama of the HQS + statue of Athena, if desired, that is why it comes with a staircase allowing him to access the temple located behind him. Thereby, he is ready to defend the Goddess of War and Justice, great Protector of the Sanctuary!
*The height of the statue is 54 cm when using the arms with Cosmo energy
*The height of the statue is 48 cm when using the arms without Cosmo energy
The statue comes with a numbered plate and a certificate of authenticity.
Scale 1/4 Total run of 1800 pieces.
Estimated release date: 2nd half of 2021
Seiya actually means "Star Arrow".
© Masami Kurumada/Shueisha, Toei Animation
* : All our products are collectible statues, not toys, they are for people aged 14 and older. All parts are manufactured in limited edition. The statues offered for sale are those presented on the website of the TSUME LTD. within the limit of available stocks. Descriptions, information and photographs presenting the figures are the most accurate reproduction possible, but are for illustrative purposes and have no contractual value. In an effort to constantly improve the quality of its products, the TSUME LTD. may have to have to change the patterns of its products.
H: 54 cm; W: 50 cm; D: 37 cm
polyresin, resin, PVC, magnets, imitation leather
Artistic direction
Cyril Marchiol, Jon González Arroyo
Art concept
Marijke Wilms
3D sculptors
Sophie Nguyen, Carlos Cruz
Technical engineering
Maxime Roudaut
Painters & Preparators
Eric Jolivalt, Mickael Gros, Aude Pastor, Christophe Sperto, Maxime Roudaut

系列 TSUME系列手办
级别或分类 High Quality Statue
价格 800美元
名称 圣斗士星矢 天马座 星矢
人物名 星矢
版本 普通版
比例 1/4
材料种类 塑料
规格 540mm
玩具分类 美系周边
参与创建 venomchow888